Wholesale cheap Nike shoes , The headquarter of Nike company lies in Beaverton, Oregon, U.S.A. It is an advanced company among the fields of designing all kinds of athletic sports and strengthen activities, and saling shoes, costume, equipment and accessories. Nike company founded in 1972.In 1967 company founder Phil Knight was supplementing his modest income from his fledgling Blue Ribbon Sports, Inc., by teaching an accounting class at Portland State University. There he met Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student, who was working on a drawing assignment in the hallway. Knight offered to pay her a couple of bucks an hour if she would do some design work for his small company. In 1972, the first athlete weared the Nike shoes named Prefontaine who had hold the record of 2000m-10000m running. In 1978 the Nike international company came into existence, then the Nike shoes sell abroad in Canada, Australia, Europe,South America and China etc. It becomes the most popular sport-product in the world.Usually Nike sport-products are more expensive.For example,Jodan and dunks shoes.But there are so many cheap shoes in home-shoes.com.You can find discount running shoes what you want in our website.

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