Mark miner is responsible for three new nike free running shoes this season. a senior designer for the sportswear and athletic brand, miner has developed the footwear to feature natural motion design, with incorporated trans-tarsal cuts within the mid-sole arches as a means of enhancing foot flexibility and strength. the range of styles are meant to offer the nike free experience to runners of various levels and preferences, and are set for retail purchase on april 5th, 2012.
  The nike free 3.0's additional siping in the arch - whereby thin slits are cut into the solve's rubber surface - and seamless lightweight upper, make it the company's running shoe closest to being barefoot for strengthening and flexibility.
  He seamless upper and molded sock liner of the nike free 4.0 follows the curvature of one's foot, augmenting comfort and support, with modified siping which helps make wearing this shoe feel something closer to that of being barefoot.
  The nike free run +3 features the brand's dynamic fit construction which eliminates the space between one's foot and the shoe, for unparalleled comfort, regardless of foot size or shape. the seamless design, whereby the the upper wraps the arch, provides lightweight support and ventilation where needed offering a snug, glove-like fit.


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