Nike Free series sport shoes is produced by Nike company in 2005,it character is make your feet like barefoot feeling when you are wearing Nike free shoes,it makes your feet activities, bending and seizing ground just ike the same as running barefoot,so Free soft shoes is suitable for anyone.

Nike free shoes shape is different than the tradistional one, the shape is close to barefoot shape, the way wrapped the shoes and the materials used are made the throughout close to barefoot feel,That is flexible soles and upper support of the need to achieve harmony, the degree of flexibility must be the sole support of upper level of consistency. Otherwise the simulation is greatly reduced running barefoot. 

the traditional sports shoes can protect feet but lose the foot comfort,and barefoot movement is free but hurt to your feets,Nike Free series can bring a perfect balance.it wakes up people's feet
Now Nike free series include free 3.0, Free 5.0,Free 7.0, Free everyday,Nike free run.

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